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Since 2019 the situation in Lebanon has gone from bad to worse due to the current economic and social crisis. The Lebanese Lira has lost more than 90% of its value as inflation rates rise exponentially.

Prices of consumer good have more than quadrupled while wages have lost their value, making life very difficult for those with no financial support.

The UN estimates that 78% of the Lebanese population lives below the poverty line, with 36% living in extreme poverty.

**Zayir volunteers are on the ground, standing with the Lebanese people to help those most in need. Together we can make a difference.
**Donations will go towards: **

Financial support for families & individuals in urgent need
Covering the costs of medical care, especially for life threatening conditions in urgent need
Distributing food packages to households across Lebanon
Helping cover costs of education for school & university students unable to afford paying tuition fees
Supporting those in debt, especially families at risk of losing their homes / belongings
Distributing clothes to those in need across Lebanon
Distributing donated medication
Help us make a difference. Together we can end poverty in Lebanon.

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