Code of Conduct

Who We Are

mysadaqa is a non-profit Digital Giving Platform existing solely to facilitate global sadaqa endeavours, in line with the message of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his noble household to serve the creation of Allah (swt). We are proud to be Sharia compliant* and we pride ourselves on charging 0% fees.

* please note; there is a spectrum of understanding re the Sharia, with mysadaqa adhering to an established interpretation of the Sharia for all its processes.

Our Promise

We commit to serve the mysadaqa community with the utmost levels of ethical and operational standards, worthy of the values the platform has been built on. Thus, transparency and efficiency will continuously be at the heart of every decision, process & interaction we undertake. We hereby pledge that mysadaqa will remain a purely non-profit service.

As part of this promise, we will strive to always preserve your trust in the platform by ensuring that all users maintain the highest level of integrity. This will be achieved through internal governance in accordance with our core values across our services. We will also continue to improve & refine our platform by providing guidance for our community on how to embody exceptional ethical standards. mysadaqa has a comprehensive vetting process, paired with regular audits of active projects, resulting in users benefitting from total peace of mind.

What we ask of you

First and foremost, we invite you to embark upon this journey with us to create a global sphere of giving. An environment that’s been inspired by our vision of a unified world established on human acts of kindness.

We envision every mysadaqa community member to be at one with our core values; priding themselves on love and integrity. For us to preserve the goodwill of our community, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards abusive, inflammatory or discriminatory behaviour. As part of our governance and audit procedures, we ask that community members work with us in a candid, sincere and timely manner, enabling mysadaqa & its partners to operate in the most transparent manner.

We can honour this promise by coming together under the banner of unity, building a world founded on the principles of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his household.