About mysadaqa

Who We Are

We are a non-profit Digital Giving Platform existing solely to facilitate global sadaqa endeavours, in line with the message of the Holy Prophet (saw) and his household to serve the creation of Allah (swt). We are proud to be Sharia compliant* and we pride ourselves on charging 0% fees.

* please note; there is a spectrum of understanding re the Sharia, mysadaqa adheres to an established interpretation of the Sharia for all its processes

Core Values

Why mysadaqa?

  1. Sharia Compliant: We are proud to be Sharia compliant in all our processes with the continual guidance of our academic and legal experts.
  2. 0% Fee: As a non-profit organisation, mysadaqa will never charge fees on any donations. This means more of every donation reaches those in need.
    Please note; premium services are available.
  3. Special Services: mysadaqa offers a selection of tailored services including; Qurbani and pilgrimage rituals on behalf of our users and their loved ones. We also offer delicate services including Salah and Sawm for the dearly departed.
  4. Data & Analytics: Donors, Campaign Creators & Project Creators will have access to a unique range of Data & Analytics, through an interactive, comprehensive and intuitive dashboard.