How It Works


When you use mysadaqa without signing up and logging in, you’re called a guest. You can explore mysadaqa as a guest, donate to projects and campaigns, and read the blog if you feel like it. But in order to get the most out of mysadaqa, you want to become a…


When you become a mysadaqa user you have your own profile, and you can keep track of your donations, your autonations, and your orders. You can also suggest new events and check in to existing events. But in addition to being a donor on mysadaqa, you can set up a bank account and become a…

Project Creator

You could be a charity, an Islamic scholar, or an inventor, or a well-known artist. If you have any projects that you need to crowdfund, you can easily do it through mysadaqa. You can share a short link to your project with your circles so people can donate to you, or start a campaign for you and become a…

Campaign Creator

You don’t have to give money to participate in charitable work. You can create campaigns for existing projects, and connect people who want to contribute money to people who are doing the work.


Yeah, we didn’t misspell “automation”. That’s automatic donation crammed into one word. You can set up automatic donations to be taken out of your account without having to remember to come back and manually donate. You can also pause autonations and even cancel them, but why would you, right?

Islamic Donation Types

When you donate to projects you’re technically doing Infaq or charitable spending. But if you want to give a specific Islamic donation type, like Zakat, Khums, or Mustahab (which is only spent for the poor), you can do so through the dedicated section on the homepage, and we’ll transfer these donations to charities that have the necessary permissions to receive and spend that specific type of donation.

Special Services

You can order sacrifice to be done for you, or order debt Salah and Sawm for your deceased, or order a Ziyarah to be done on your behalf. These are not technically donations, so we have a separate flow for them where you can track your order and get updates about them.