Security Policy

At mysadaqa, your privacy and security is our top priority.

We want you to feel at home here at mysadaqa. Below are just some of the security measures we have implemented to ensure your safety and well-being on our platform:


All registered users have the option to setup two-factor authentication (2FA) via account settings. 2FA is a best-practice security process; prioritising your privacy by asking you to provide two different authentication factors to verify yourself. This provides an additional layer of security at the login stage; preventing unauthorised users trying to access your account. You’ll be prompted to enter your password, followed by a one-time code issued by the recognised authenticator app on your personal device.


The mysadaqa website is served over HTTPS and TLSv1.2. This is a communication protocol which enhances the security of the platform and thoroughly encrypts your data. More specifically, TLSv1.2 is an encryption protocol intended to keep your data secure when being transferred over a network.


Your payment information is encrypted and handled directly by a leading PCI compliant payment gateway. Rest assured, your sensitive payment information will never be handled or accessed by mysadaqa in any way.

Security Audit

Our team of security experts regularly inspect, examine and monitor the mysadaqa platform for potential threats, vulnerabilities and malicious content.

We’re here for you. Get in touch with us round the clock if you have any questions or concerns.