Fees and Charges

mysadaqa is a non-profit organisation. We will not take any percentage of a donation in any circumstance. Donors however, will be encouraged to contribute towards the operating costs of mysadaqa at the checkout stage. Any fees charged are by the payment provider, and not by mysadaqa. This means more of every donation reaches its intended cause.

Below, you can begin to appreciate the distinctive & unique impact mysadaqa offers, in comparison to some of the other platforms in the space.

JustGiving Virgin Money Giving GoFundMe
Platform Fee 0% 5% of Gift Aid (opt out) 2% 0%
Payment Processing Fee 1.65% + £0.20* 1.90% + £0.20 2.5% 2.9% + £0.25
Gift Aid Reclaim Service
Remittance Fee £0 £0 £0 £0
Setup/Joining Fee £0 £0 £150 + VAT £0
Team Fundraising
Sharia Compliance

* We never add anything above transaction fee charged by the payment processor. Any excesses goes to the recipient charity/user.

How much you get from a £50* Donation

Virgin Money Giving

* Based on a £50 donation eligible for Gift Aid

The donation processing fee charged by our provider varies on the location of the donor and the receiver. Below is a breakdown of the Stripe fees.

Donor Location Fee
Donating from a European card 1.65% + 20p
Donating from a non-European card 3.25% + 20p

The payment processing fee comprises two elements. The first is a 1.4% + 20p (2.9% + 20p from a non-European card) charged per transaction. An additional 0.25% is payable for the usage of the Stripe Connect service which allows funds to be directly remitted from Stripe to the receiver’s bank account.

In the case that the donor makes a contribution to the mysadaqa platform alongside their donation, mysadaqa will bear a more than proportional share of the Stripe fee. Therefore, charities and crowd-funders can rest assured that all fees are administered in a transparent and fair manner.

Covering the Fee

Mysadaqa is committed to respecting your privacy and ensuring that causes receive the rightful amounts. As a non-profit organisation, mysadaqa will never charge fees on donations. This means more of every donation reaches its intended cause.

The donation processing fee charged by our trusted provider varies on the location of the donor and the receiver. As the donor’s payment data is held by Stripe, once payment is complete, we are currently unable to ascertain the exact fee.

Therefore, we calculate the cover fee based on a conventional estimate, enabling the receiver to secure the full amount the donor intends to donate. mysadaqa implements this protocol to guarantee that all donations remain entirely Sharia compliant. Any surplus amount from the fee the donor covers, is directly obtained by the receiver.

As a sharia compliant platform, we ensure every donation is strictly handled within the relevant legislative parameters. Such rulings outline some donation types eg. Khums, must entirely go towards the recipient – thus, expenses including the payment fee can not be taken from the donation. Therefore, we add the estimated fee on to the amount the donor proposes to donate. Any excess from this estimate will be acquired by the recipient.