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Ansar Youth Project

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AYP is a grass roots organisation. Our motto is "to leave no young person behind". Our youth led foodbank became one of the largest in Brent during the first lockdown. We now want to give young people the opportunity to renovate and create a youth centre they are proud of, learning along the way. Recently we had a young person who lost his life to gang violence, this has been the motivation for this project. We conducted a survey, we found that 136 young people (YP) did not believe there were enough youth clubs in the area (>90%). 85 YP stated that they felt unsafe during the day (>55%). 109 YP felt unsafe during the night (>75%). Key issues faced: gangs (67%), knife crime (70%), depression/mental health (32%), lack of opportunities (63), unaware of opportunities available to them (61%). First in a series of projects with young people at the helm of social action and change, is a project to redevelop and reorganise the youth centre to fit their needs. Creating a space that will be used to alleviate issues young people face, and instil confidence. Young people will be taught the fundamentals of project management from risk mitigation and budgeting to resolving issues and logistical challenges which are inherent in the charity sector in an engaging and positive manner.

Refurbishing Wembley Youth Centre

By Ansar Youth Project

"Can We Fix It" The Young People Can!

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Wembley, United Kingdom
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