Ansar Youth Project - Ramadan Iftar Meals for Young People

Help us fund daily iftars for disadvantaged young people

Ansar Youth Project - Ramadan Iftar Meals for Young People

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Join us in a meaningful initiative to provide hot meals for iftar during Ramadan to young people from low-income and disadvantaged backgrounds. Your support can ensure that these individuals have access to nourishing food and a sense of community during this special time.

Ansar Youth Project (AYP) is an exciting and innovative youth organisation which specialises in targeting young people from a diverse range of disadvantaged and marginalised communities in Brent and neighbouring boroughs. They are a leading organisation providing faith and culturally sensitive youth-work in our local communities. 

Their mission is to engage as many young people between the age of 8 and 17 in their specialised Youth Programme’s. They are one of the only organisation in the UK that is completely young person led and removes all the barriers to participation. If they had to stop their services due to lack of support, over 2,500 young people would no longer have access to their fantastic youth services. Over the past year, AYP has been able to engage with over 5000 young people in North West London and are seeking to continue growing into wider parts of London. 

Ansar Youth Project currently runs the following:

• Weekly youth clubs with developmental workshops 
• Employment programmes 
• Organise Qualifications for young people 
• Business Programmes 
• Peer Mentoring Programmes 
• Provide over 500 volunteer opportunities for young people a year 
• Provide teamwork and leadership opportunities for over 150 young people per year

Your support for our Ramadan Iftar Meals initiative can make a significant difference in the lives of young people by:

  1. Providing essential support to young people in need during Ramadan, a time of spiritual reflection and community.
  2. Alleviating hunger and promoting well-being among disadvantaged youth.
  3. Strengthening community bonds and fostering compassion and solidarity.
  4. Empowering young people by meeting their basic needs and supporting their overall development.

Together, we can ensure that no one goes hungry during Ramadan and that all young people have the opportunity to experience the joy of iftar. Donate today and help us nourish futures!


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