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Salamun Alaykum dear community members,

We are excited to announce a significant step in enhancing Jaaferiya Saturday School's educational experience and fostering community growth. After thoughtful consideration and collaboration with local educational institutions, we have decided to move our Saturday School from the Madressa to a dedicated school premises nearby (Furezedown Primary School). We believe this move will empower our students with better facilities and resources while strengthening the sense of unity within our community.

Why We Are Moving:

The decision to relocate our Saturday School to a school premises is driven by our commitment to providing the best learning environment for our students. The new location will offer improved facilities, spacious classrooms, modern technology, and access to a well-rounded educational atmosphere. This move will allow us to align our Islamic curriculum more effectively with mainstream education standards while preserving the essence of our Madressa's teachings and values.

Our Vision:

At our new school premises, our vision is to create an inclusive and nurturing environment where our students can flourish academically and spiritually. We aim to foster a strong sense of identity, character development, and Islamic values, instilling in them the principles of compassion, respect, and community service taught to us by Prophet Muhammad (saw) & the AhlulBayt (as).

Your Support Matters:

To make this vision a reality, we need your generous support. As a community-driven initiative, we are launching this crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for the relocation and setup of our Saturday School. Your contributions will directly impact the quality of education and experience our students will receive. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant difference.

How Your Donation Will Help:

Classroom Setup: Your contributions will be used to pay for well-equipped and welcoming classrooms, providing our students with a conducive learning environment.

Educational Resources: We will invest in books, educational materials, and technological tools to enhance the learning process and expand our students' knowledge.

Join Us in This Journey:

By contributing to our Saturday School relocation, you become an integral part of this transformative journey towards educational excellence and community growth. Together, we can empower our children with the knowledge, skills, and values they need to become confident, compassionate, and ambassadors of the AhlulBayt (as) in todays society.

Thank you for being a part of our community's progress and for supporting our Jaaferiya Saturday School relocation. Your generosity will leave a lasting impact on the lives of our students, shaping a brighter future for generations to come. May Allah reward you abundantly for your kindness and may we continue to grow stronger as a united community.

How to Donate:

Visit our crowdfunding page to contribute and share the campaign with your friends and family. Together, let's create a legacy of knowledge and unity that will inspire generations to come.


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