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A system that will produce 2000 litres per hour which will serve over 350 families for 25 years. The primary impact is the reduction in the risk of getting water related diseases which is the case with taking water directly from boreholes, wells and water pipes. It will reduce the daily burden of water collection that falls mainly on women and children. In particular, for children, education will improve since children will make it to school in time unlike presently where they have to look for water in the morning before heading to school.

This project, however, will also generate a number of secondary impacts. The project will aid employment creation for the residents at the water kiosk. It will also help in reducing CO2 emissions from burning of firewood to boil and disinfect drinking water. It will eliminate the use of diesel generators to produce electricity for desalination and water pumping systems.

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Stanmore Jafferys Ali Asghar Water Appeal 2022

By Shakila

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