Syed Raza Shah

Syed Raza Shah

 This guy needs no introduction...but I'll introduce him anyway.  Raza Shah is the grand daddy of our cycling community.  He does not get out of bed and put on his cleats unless its a 100mile ride.   He loves cycling so much he'd do it bare feet...and just for fun.

Alot of cyclists aspire to be like Bradly Wiggins.  Bradly Wiggins aspires to ride like Raza Shah.  Thats a fact!! 

Raza Shah has 5 kids, 1 daughter, 2 sons, 1 Pinnarello and 1 Ribble!  We dont ask him who he loves more.  It wouldnt be fair on the boys or girl.

Raza will be doing an amazing 1,550km (you read that right!) over four consecutive days starting from August 7 - August 12 to raise money for sustainable water projects in Kenya and other desperate areas of the world.  If that was not enough he will also ride with us all at the AAWA Sportive 28th Sept.

Raza's wife and kids want him home, but he will not stop until you have donated.  Please help Raza find his way home by making a donation with Gift Aid today.  It only take a few mins.

 Starting at the heart of Stanmore, at our Hujjat Islamic Centre, the route passes some stunning landmarks through Dunstable Downs via the Chilterns and ending back at the Hujjat Islamic Centre. Our primary purpose is geared towards making this world a better place through our love for cycling. There is no better way to making a difference together than to help raise funds for WF-AIDs life changing projects through your donations and fundraising. 

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