Irum Khaliq-Naqvi

Irum Khaliq-Naqvi

Salam Folks!

I am taking part in Stanmore Jafferys Sportive, in support of WF-AID's Ali Asghar Water Appeal.  This is in honour of my late Father Haji Abdul Khaliq and on behalf of my mother Hajun Rehana Khaliq, who is currently incapacitated due to multiple illnesses.  

I will Inshallah partake in the 10km walk/run on the 27th August and the Richmond Half Marathon on the 11th of September 2022.

Did you know, our 10km walk/run for the sportive alone, is the same distance locals in Nzavoni (Kenya) currently walk to seek safe water? 💦 

Funds raised this year will go towards the installation of a solar powered saline water desalination plant there, which will purify 2000 litres of water per hour, making it safe to consume and is expected to serve over 350 families for the next 25 years. 

It will reduce the daily burden of water collection that falls mainly on women and children. In particular for children, their education will improve as they will make it to school  on time.  Unlike presently, where they have to look for water in the morning before heading to school.💧 

Your prayers and encouragement will be deeply appreciated and I am truly humbled and grateful in advance, for your generous contributions.  

Let’s do this.  Let’s do this together.  😄👍🏼

My kindest regards and gratitude,

Irum Khaliq-Naqvi

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