I saw Nothing, but Beauty

Prosthetic limbs for children displaced by war

I saw Nothing, but Beauty
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Prosthetic limbs for children displaced by war.

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(photo credit: Sara from Gaza who lost her arm after being discovered under the rubble and then displaced to a tent, her instagram profile is @asil14._)

The most vulnerable children are those that are injured and displaced. With your support we aim to show them the beauty in their lives again.  Latest figures (as of January 2024) show over 15,000 adults and children have been amputated in Gaza in the last 100 days alone without anaesthesia and this increasing at a rate of 10 children per day according to Save the Children. 

We are setting up pathways to prosthesis and early rehabilitation schemes for Gaza. We intend to grow to establish this charity so that it provides prosthetic solutions for Gazans. 

We have applied to register with the UK Charity Commission as a CIO and a website is being designed. This is a temporary fundraising page whilst we establish ourselves.

The amputees will need lifelong support and we are here for life.

Our Instagram page is @ladyzeinabfoundation.

Read our code of ethics for more information:

The 10 ‘beautiful’ principles

1. To provide prosthetic limbs and related items to injured children displaced by war.

2. To teach the children to see ‘nothing but beauty’ in their circumstances, in their abilities, and their outlook through the legacy of Lady Zainab.

3. To rebuild displaced children, child by child, and teach them that ‘impossible’ is a mere concept of the mind.

4. To identify children by working directly with first responders in areas of displaced children, then facilitate quotes and operations.

5. To work with world renowned organisations in the field of prosthetics and orthopedic technology to facilitate this.

6. To fundraise for each child with a child-centric approach, utilizing their biographies.

7. To embody a volunteer-led and not-for-profit charity that turns all donations into tangible outcomes offering itemised reports on invoices paid for each child.

8. To create positive, focused, deliverable outcomes for donors by facilitating successful operations child by child, and an ongoing charity in the use of the prosthetic limb.

9. Upon completion of a successful operation, to utilize remaining donations, (including gift aid if applicable) for the next child.

10. And finally, to embody the spirit of ‘I saw Nothing but Beauty’ by creating beauty in the hearts of children, by delivering hope and fulfilling promises that create the best outcomes for all involved.

We work with world renowned orthopaedic institutions based in the UK, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and all over the globe. We are working on different solutions which include early rehabilitation, sourcing the best technology available, pathways in locations such as the United Kingdom, Egypt, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey, we are also working on low-cost solutions that can be taken into a conflict zones and used for children who cannot be evacuated.

What is the process for a child amputee displaced by war to receive prosthesis? 

In order for a child to receive a prosthetic limb they have to be at a safe place with an appropriate adult. However, we also have solutions that can be utilised in conflict zones very quickly. Your donations will enable us to provide these solutions.

Robust safeguarding procedures are in place between all stakeholders to ensure their safety, well being and mental health on the pathway to prosthesis..

The journey will be a long one and the children deserve to have someone who will focus on their particular needs and that is us here at Lady Zainab Foundation with our child-centric approach. We also provide solutions for adults however our primary concern is with children.

For more information on our pathway to prosthesis visit our Instagram page and send us a message @ladyzeinabfoundation. You can also see our updates  on here. Share our journey and use the hashtags #isawnothingbutbeauty and #gazaslimbdifference.

You can email us on elahikhanhaider@gmail.com.

Lady Zainab Foundation 

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(photo credit: Farah had her leg amputated and lost sight in one eye, she is currently displaced and trying to evacuate Gaza. We hope to help her and all of these children. She is an aspiring journalist and her IG is @farah.n.ammar)


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We have started our #isawnothingbutbeauty campaign on Instagram. Visit @ladyzeinabfoundation to learn more!
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