Perform your Qurbani in Gaza

Let’s share your qurbani meat with the poor in Gaza, Palestine!

Perform your Qurbani in Gaza

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Assalamu'alaikum generous friends,
At the end of June this year inshaAllah we will celebrate Eid Adha, where on the Holiday and also the following 3 tashrik days, Allah SWT commands Muslims to perform a noble worship, namely sacrifice or qurbani (udhiyah).

This command is stated in the Al Quran surah Al-Hajj verses 34-35:
And for every [religious] community We have appointed a rite [of sacrifice] that they may mention the name of Allāh over what He has provided for them of [sacrificial] animals. For your god is one God, so to Him submit. And, [O Muḥammad], give good tidings to the humble [before their Lord]
Who, when Allāh is mentioned, their hearts are fearful, and [to] the patient over what has afflicted them, and the establishers of prayer and those who spend from what We have provided them.

On the Eid Adha Mubarak, we would like you to perform your qurbani and celebrate together with our brothers and sisters in Gaza. May 15th has been marked as The Nakba day meaning catastrophe for Palestinians. This year the Zionist have been occupying Palestine for 75 years.

Let's bring happiness to our brothers and sisters in Gaza. After delivering your good deeds in Ramadan, please do not stop this kindness.

Asar Humanity invites you to give alms of sacrificial meat starting from GBP 1. This is to train for those who are materially unable to learn to carry out this worship. As well as so that we strive to be able to spend our wealth to worship sacrifices as proof that we are obedient and pious to Allah. InshaAllah may Allah make it possible for us.

You can also buy a sheep for GBP 305 for qurbani on behalf of a person, or a cow for GBP 1,861 on behalf of 7 shares qurbani.

At the moment of Eid al-Adha inshaAllah happiness will be shared with them too. We will collect all donations from you until it is enough for animal sacrifices. After being slaughtered, the meat will be delivered to orphans and poor people.

May Allah bestow mercy and blessings upon you and your family. Jazakumullah khairan.


2023 May 23 10:36
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